In the dark

One of our neighbours have this lonely tree and sometimes it’s having a party with the moon.


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Angry bag

My sons bag for school is always angry, he’s complaining about something here, I don’t know what.


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Tiny cake made of sugar

I don’t know what these are called, in Denmark we call them kisses. They are small, sweet and pretty 🙂


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A random park

I was out walking in a park and this man came rolling in his handicap vehicle to feed the ducks. It was obvious he had done it many times because the ducks came as soon as they saw him.


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I was cleaning and cutting my rhubarbs, when the knife slipped and revealed the most beautiful striped pattern inside.


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Hello world!

That’s a silly headline, but also very appropriate. This is my very first post and I just want to say hello.

It’s a little overwhelming to begin writing already, when it feels like the blog is not quite ready yet. But knowing me, I will make changes along the way anyway, so why not jump in the deep end. 🙂

And on that note we’re off. Welcome 🙂

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