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Plaid Backgrounds

So these are my first plaid backgrounds, I find they work nicely if they frame similarly coloured pictures. I have made an example for you to see.

There are 3 different backgrounds, all of them is 3632×5456, the third one is in landscape though.

BG-plaid2.jpg (4 downloads) BG plaid2



BG-plaid1.jpg (4 downloads) BG plaid1



BG-plaid3.jpg (5 downloads) BG plaid3

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Backgrounds and wallpaper

I play around with a lot of stuff and sometimes it turns out great, so why not share it with the world. All my backgrounds and wallpapers will be available for download, feel free to use them, but please link back to me or credit me in another way.

Wallpaper-love.jpg (10 downloads)

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