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Pretendphotos is a photoblog, it will be full of pictures, tips & tricks and opinions, I will do my best to keep it interesting and diverse. There will be occasional giveaways and downloads and many other things.

The secret to happiness, is using your imagination and I will do my part to keep us all happy 🙂

I live in Denmark with my family and I try to get people to think in ways they are not used to, just to shake the routines a bit. Someone once said “nothing changes until you start to do things differently” and I like change, so I will change things now and then to keep myself awake.
I love taking pictures and that will be my main focus on the blog.

You are going to love the blog, I love it and I will do my best to learn all the tricks of the trade as fast as possible. If you want to join me on my journey and not miss out, sign up to receive a mail when new posts are published.

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