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Picture challenge

The picture challenge is over, my friend did not think there was enough interest, so now I have to find my own pictures.

Luckily, I found Pixabay with a ton of free pictures, so I am back in business. Only downside is that I have to find the pictures myself, so I miss getting challenged by other peoples imagination.

No matter, I found some great photos and made this cool picture.

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The ruins

I was out driving and came across this old castle. It is fairly small and set in uneven stones, but it is beautiful. It stands on a small peninsula overlooking a lake.

Most of the walls are still standing, it looks like it might have been restored at some point, maybe to preserve it as a place of interest.

The edges of the windows and doors are nice and even, in the back there has been a collapse, but it looks nice and tidy like someone wants to make it look like a ruin, but in a pretty way.

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Photoshop challenge

I have been busy with some real life stuff, so I haven’t participated in my friend’s facebook challenge in a while. Yesterday I had a little time, so I made a picture where all the remaining photos was used.


These are some of the pictures I used, the finished picture contained a lot more.

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It’s halloween and of course I have to make a halloween picture, the kids love all the scary stuff as long as it’s not to scary. I thought it would be fun to remake our house in a scary (but not to scary) way and this is the result *ghost smiley

I used several layers and textures, a lot of adjustments and bits and pieces from eight different pictures. It doesn’t look like much, but it was a lot of (fun) work.

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Photoshop challenge

A woman I know started a new facebookgroup recently. The purpose of the group is to inspire creativity, so she posts a picture every week and then the followers do something with it and comments with the result. This weeks picture was jellyfish, which I love, so I combined them with a picture I found on Pixabay and this is the result.

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Just for fun

Last year I played a little with forced perspective. The pictures are a little blurry, but the kids still think it was fun.

Not FP but still fun. “Oh no, the shadowman is trampling me!”

This year I have a new lens that should be right for FP pictures, so  maybe I should give it another try 🙂

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