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Picture challenge

The picture challenge is over, my friend did not think there was enough interest, so now I have to find my own pictures.

Luckily, I found Pixabay with a ton of free pictures, so I am back in business. Only downside is that I have to find the pictures myself, so I miss getting challenged by other peoples imagination.

No matter, I found some great photos and made this cool picture.

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Make your mark

All over the world people have a desire to be seen, and for some people it ends up with them forcing innocent walls, signs etc to whisper their names in all eternity.

Some put up posters instead, it is better because they vanish over time, although they leave fragments of glue and paper behind.

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The ruins

I was out driving and came across this old castle. It is fairly small and set in uneven stones, but it is beautiful. It stands on a small peninsula overlooking a lake.

Most of the walls are still standing, it looks like it might have been restored at some point, maybe to preserve it as a place of interest.

The edges of the windows and doors are nice and even, in the back there has been a collapse, but it looks nice and tidy like someone wants to make it look like a ruin, but in a pretty way.

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In the dark

I was out late to capture the city at night. It was my first time and I just had the camera in my hands, so a lot of the pictures got blurred. A few of them turned out ok though.

It is going to take some more practice and stabilization, but I will get better.

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Photoshop challenge

I have been busy with some real life stuff, so I haven’t participated in my friend’s facebook challenge in a while. Yesterday I had a little time, so I made a picture where all the remaining photos was used.


These are some of the pictures I used, the finished picture contained a lot more.

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It’s halloween and of course I have to make a halloween picture, the kids love all the scary stuff as long as it’s not to scary. I thought it would be fun to remake our house in a scary (but not to scary) way and this is the result *ghost smiley

I used several layers and textures, a lot of adjustments and bits and pieces from eight different pictures. It doesn’t look like much, but it was a lot of (fun) work.

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